About us


We do more to make international transactions easier and more profitable for our clients.

We are confident that the borders between countries should not hinder the development of our clients' business, and all foreign economic operations can be transparent and understandable.

We work together with the client on projects, complementing and combining each other's strengths. By helping our clients grow every day, we grow with them.

Work principles:

The main principles of the company are an integrated approach and close interaction with the client at all stages of cooperation.

Our relations with clients and partners are based on the principles of good faith, honesty and professionalism, transparency and inviolability of contractual obligations. We make every effort to minimize the risks of our partners.

We are constantly improving our professional level in order to maintain the high competitiveness of our services. Each new project brings us new experience and knowledge, we apply this knowledge in our work, which makes each subsequent delivery better.

By developing and applying an internal quality system every day, we minimize our mistakes. This allows us to get a highly professional solution at the output that can be easily integrated with the rest of the components of the client's business system. We believe that our efforts will help Russian enterprises move to a qualitatively new level of organization and development.

Every employee of the BASHIR NAVID GROUP company understands the importance of building partnerships with clients. Therefore, organizing our interaction, we adhere to high ethical standards and ensure the stable quality of the services provided.

Corporate values:

Support and assistance in the development of each of our employees and each client creates a solid foundation for high professional and financial achievements.

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